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"Toshia is an amazing person in general. But working with her is above and beyond. She brings out the best of the best in a person. I always end each session feeling on top of the world! It's not just good 'words', but rather she has a way of helping to dig deep and come out on top. I wish I were a word scholar to better describe. I highly recommend!!!!"  -Angela Roberson Reardon

"Toshia has changed my life! Do yourself a favor and book a session, as the words I would write wouldn't do her justice! She is truly gifted, and has set me on a path of spiritual peace and enlightenment." -Shanti Michelle

"Toshia offers a warm and welcoming environment and is very insightful. She creates a safe space to open up and motivates you to dive in and release your blocks. My life has improved greatly since I have been using her services. Very valuable!" -Holly Alana Harper



Sacred Fire.

For me, the name is rooted in Native American culture. Given my Native ancestry, I'm aware the name was given to me by one of the many who visit and guide me. Yet, the artwork displayed which embodies the name and is now my logo was gifted to me by Emily Hanby - a Divinely-inspired artist who was seemingly guided to offer this piece to me. It speaks of Sacred Fire, my Native American ancestry and Christ-centered intuitive healing beautifully.

I recently read about the concept of Sacred Fire as the manifestation of Spirit. With this, I certainly agree. It is the warmth and Light of the Sun, purification and transformation in Earthly element form. It is the flame enveloping the Sacred Heart of Christ - the fire that sparks the hearts of others and burns brightly from within, Lighting, purifying and transforming each individual (and the world) through the power of Love.

The power of Love.

That is truly what Sacred Fire represents to me - the power of Love. Equally warming, Lighting us up like the Sun, purifying and transformative. When Sacred Fire is lit (or relit) within and fueled by the air we breathe - Yahweh, the name for God, who is also Love - our awakening or ascension journey begins. We burn away the fortresses we built and layers of armor we gathered to survive upon our arrival and years spent here. We uncover our Truth.  We regain and use our Voice. We remember who we are and why we came to this planet. We recall our Purpose. We return to our authentic selves and honor our Authenticity. We do not simply rise from the ashes. We become the flame. We become Sacred Fire. We become Light. We become Love.

About Me:


I am a spiritual life coach (or Love coach), artist, author and freelance writer, currently writing articles pertaining to spiritual awakening and ascension, mental health, holistic wellness and addiction/recovery. Additionally, I host a talk radio show - Ascension Goddess Radio - covering topics of spiritual awakening and ascension, mental health, addiction and recovery and have been a special guest on Transformation Talk Radio, speaking on these same topics.

From a more personal perspective, I am a Light worker (more to the point, a Love worker). I'm grateful every single day for the ability to do this work and serve Mother Earth, the Universe, God, Love in this way. Having arrived on this planet with a Divine Purpose - seemingly a multi-faceted one - I have uncovered my Truth, used my Voice, remembered my Purpose and strive to live in and honor my Authenticity.

You arrived on this planet with a Divine Purpose too, which brings me to part of what I do. I assist clients in remembering their Purpose and discovering ways in which they can honor and live it. For more about what I do to assist clients, read The Focus. For more about me, click the Home tab or feel free to message me with specific inquiries.


The Focus:


My spiritual life coaching practice is based (of course) in Love with a goal of assisting clients in experiencing unconditional Love - namely, with themselves. The focus of my work stems from four basic principles: Truth, Voice, Purpose & Authenticity.  I perceive these four principles as the Four Elements or Four Directions of the soul - each with a seemingly separate function or path but actually working in unison and equally necessary for birth and rebirth. 

That rebirth process is what you'll experience as you work with me. When we walk through Sacred Fire, we are not the same. We burn off that which is not authentic to us and are born again - purified and transformed (or re-formed) from that which we became in an effort to survive to that which we arrived here to be.

However, a birthing (or rebirthing) process does not come without some degree of discomfort. And here, we walk through the flame. So, yes. There will be pain. But, just as with the labor pains of childbirth, the focus is on the New Life being birthed (or rebirthed) onto the planet. Let's face it. If we focused on the pain of labor, very few would choose to bring new souls into this world. So, I encourage clients to do what labor coaches and midwives remind to-be mothers to do - breathe.

Just breathe.

Yah (inhale) weh (exhale).

As Fr. Richard Rohr eloquently explains in his book - The Naked Now: Seeing as the Mystics See - with every breath, we speak the name of God. And God's work is done outside our comfort zone, not within it. So, when we remember to breathe through our rebirthing process, we are calling in assistance and miraculously accessing the oxygen needed to successfully walk through the fire. We focus on the breathing and stay with our breath - focus on God (Love), stay with God (Love) - rather than the pain of being reborn. Shifting our perspective like a to-be mother to the New Life - the child within - that awaits arrival through our rebirthing process.

That child within is where we begin. 

Each of us has an inner child - the child we once were and still subconsciously strive to protect through either healthy or maladaptive means. Many of us have a wounded child who experienced traumas of varying degrees and categories. Your work with me will involve a remembering of and reintroduction to this inner child and an effort to heal the relationship between you and the inner child. It is an effort in reparenting. But, it is a process of rebirthing, as we heal and integrate various aspects of the inner child, dissolve the trauma bond between you and the inner child and birth a New Life in which the two (then, fully healed and integrated inner child and adult) parts of you have become One. 

We will work to understand the experiences of the inner child - the Truth. We will give the inner child permission to speak, effectively - learning and offering the power of Voice. We will work toward remembering this inner child's passions - their Purpose. And, eventually, we will arrive at the fully uncovered and unaltered genuineness of the inner child - the Authenticity.

And, we will reach all four principles of this work through the power of Love. Unconditional.

The Process:

The process - how fast you work, the duration of our work together, what you experience or go through with regard to what may surface for you, etc. - is completely contingent upon you, your story, the perspective you choose, your willingness to do the work and your accountability.

Remember, you are your own best healer. You are your own guru. I am merely a facilitator, assisting you in lighting the Sacred Fire. You are the one who walks through, when you decide to and at your own pace.

As such, just as a doctor cannot say how long a to-be mother will be in labor  (every woman is different, as is every birthing process), there is no set duration of time for your work with me or your rebirthing process. Every soul is unique. So, as with childbirth, we trust the flow of the process. 

Qualifications, Experience & Training:


Yes. I have extensive education in the healing arts. 

I possess two master’s degrees; (1) Master of Education in Counseling with a focus on Addictions, and (2) Master of Arts in Interdisciplinary Studies with a tri-level focus in Women’s Studies, Addictions and Counseling. I also possess a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology with a double minor in English and Substance Abuse. Additionally, I am currently seeking a doctoral degree in counseling with a double-minor in Women's Studies and Addictive Disorders & Recovery Studies.

Yes. I have years of experience in the field of healing.


I have over two decades of experience as a counselor intern and group facilitator for pre-adolescents, adolescents, young adults and adults. Additionally, I have been coaching clients (shifting my focus from counseling and psychology to spirituality and coaching) professionally since 2016.


Yes. I have varying degrees and categories of professional training.

I acquired specialized training and experience in communication, conflict resolution, family and relationships, addictions, substance abuse and prevention. I completed undergraduate internship hours for the LCDC (Licensed Chemical Dependency Counselor) licensure, as well as curriculum-required graduate-level internship hours at Texas Tech University, through The Center for the Study of Addiction & Recovery and the Marsha Sharp Center for Student Athletes. I have also completed hours and requirements for a graduate certificate in Women’s Studies. Additionally, I am currently enrolled as a doctoral student in the Counselor Education program in the College of Education at Texas Tech University.

Yes. I have excelled in my learning process.


I am a member of Chi Sigma Iota – the international counseling academic and professional honors society – maintaining a 4.0 GPA in my first master’s program, a 3.898 GPA in my second master’s program and currently holding a 3.887 GPA in the doctoral program.

But, that's all Tree of Knowledge stuff. What about the Tree of Life?

My work - the coaching and all my offerings - is Christ-centered and intuitive. It is purely and Divinely guided. In this way, I am a vessel for Christ, Holy Spirt, Love. That is the reason you see no certification or licensure but merely degrees. I have all the education and training needed to be a licensed chemical dependency counselor or a licensed professional counselor. However, that's Tree of Knowledge stuff to me. As such, I have chosen to remain open to Divine guidance - working from the perspective of the Tree of Life - without stipulations on the spiritual nature of my work and the natural flow of healing, integration, ascension and spiritual awakening. 

And, given my personal journey, I do not take clients anywhere I have not personally gone. I've walked through Sacred Fire myself. I'm aware of the sometimes painful rebirth - purification and transformation (or re-formation) - process because I've been there. Additionally, I've experienced the Magic & Miracles (including the reparenting of my inner child, my personal rebirth and the experience of unconditional Love, as well as my Twin Flame and so much more) that come when you learn to trust the process and believe - similar to (but generally more sustained) the Magic & Miracles one witnesses upon bringing New Life onto the planet.

That said, I believe counseling and psychology have their place, and I highly recommend employing a healing, integration, ascension and/or spiritual awakening support team. Your team may consist of me (spiritual life coach), a priest or pastor, a licensed professional counselor, a Twelve-Step sponsor, a Reiki master, therapist or psychologist, herbalist, a yoga instructor, nutritionist or any number of other categories of healer. That's highly encouraged by me. Remember, it takes a village to raise a child, and we are rebirthing and reparenting. Support teams are key. 




As stated above, I do not possess a license in professional counseling or psychology. Therefore, I am not a licensed professional counselor or therapist. I am a spiritual life coach with all the training and education required to become a licensed professional counselor. That said, I do not refer to myself as a counselor or therapist and remind my clients to refer to me only as a spiritual life coach. Though my services and sessions may feel and appear very much like counseling, in that we do discuss past issues, relationships, emotions, cognitions, etc., the modalities utilized are vastly different from that found in psychology, counseling, consulting or therapy.


Additionally, I do not treat, diagnose or prescribe medications for what is commonly referred to as mental illness (what I perceive merely as varying degrees of woundedness). However, with over two decades in the counseling and addiction fields, I have a plethora of referrals and resources for clients who desire or feel they are in need of assessment for diagnosis, medication and/or additional assistance in holistic healing and can work alongside these other healers as part of your support team.


I do not work with children. In cases where presenting age and/or issues are out of my scope of practice, I refer to other healers and helping professionals appropriate for that population.


It is important to remember, in complex situations or in cases of previous diagnosis of mental illness, spiritual life coaching is merely one component of a person’s healing process. Therefore, any further assistance needed and/or suggested should be sought to achieve optimal success in healing and long-term recovery.


I accept cash, Venmo and PayPal payments. Venmo or PayPal payments ONLY for Skype or Zoom clients. Payments for Skype or Zoom clients must be received prior to session. My rates are $50-100/hour, depending on services requested.

Cancellation/Reschedule Policy:

Rescheduling a coaching session is easily done with appropriate notice and can be carried out for any reason 5 times throughout the spiritual life coaching journey. Beyond that, rescheduling appointments should be reserved for emergency situations.

Additionally, when rescheduling appointments, I request that clients do so in the same week as the original appointment was scheduled. This prevents merely skipping appointments by moving them to the following week.

Please make appointment changes or cancellations within 24 hours of the appointment time as this could cost another client an opportunity to meet and begin or continue the work. That said, if cancellation or rescheduling does not occur within 24 hours prior to the session, the session is considered skipped for the week and full payment for the session will be billed or requested via Venmo or Paypal. Payment for the skipped session should be made via Venmo or PayPal prior to the next session. If payment is not received by 2pm on the day following the skipped session, a $50 late fee will be added and the full amount of the missed session plus the $50 late fee will be charged/requested via Venmo or PayPal or added to the next appointment with payment required (in cash or via Venmo or Paypal) before the end of the session.

That's the financial aspect of cancellation and rescheduling. But, what about the effect of either on your process?

Your journey of healing, integration, ascension and spiritual awakening is a commitment to yourself and an investment in you. As such, when you begin this work, you have committed to this journey through the Sacred Fire and process of rebirth. As such, it is necessary to prioritize your spiritual life coaching sessions in the same way a to-be mother would prioritize prenatal care. Remember, you are making an important investment in yourself, so it is vital to be committed to being punctual (to get the full extent of services offered within the session), present and consistent with regard to the appointment day/time (showing up for and offering consistency to your inner child). 

Ultimately, these policies are necessary to hold you accountable to the commitment to self and the journey through the Sacred Fire and process of rebirth and to honor the needs of the inner child who you are now reparenting. Therefore, consistency and frequency is needed to achieve that goal and make progress on the journey.


To set up a consultation appointment and determine if spiritual life coaching is a fit for you, call or text (806)252-1197 or contact me via email:

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