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I've written a few books which are now available on Amazon. Just click the preferred book below to read more



and purchase. My second Prince book entitled The Sky Was All Purple: The Spiritual Impact of Prince to be published in 2020. 

The third book from yours truly entitled Please Read Upon Waking: A Guide to Spiritual Awakening & Ascension 


is in the birthing process and will be arriving soon. Additionally, there's an autobiography in the making which has been in process



for decades - much like me.

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Everyone goes through difficult times. It's not always easy to find our sparkle when the darkness closes in. But, if we gently remind ourselves to shine regardless, we can bring light to our lives every single day. When we wake up in the morning, we must find positive words to say to ourselves--uplifiting messages for the little boy or girl inside us. We need to let ourselves know it's okay to struggle. In fact, it's part of this human experience. But, through our pain, we can fan the flame of hope with self-love and a fresh perspective. That small effort keeps us from becoming stuck in our struggle, victimizing ourselves and sabotaging our own growth and success. Using these daily affirmations is a step--one of many--to easily take every day. Whether during meditation or while stuck in morning traffic, we can read and repeat these affirmations in an effort to improve our attitude and shift our outlook on the day, our current situation or circumstances and our lives in general. Filling each day with a little sparkle helps fuel the light within. That helps us shine despite the effort of darkness to dim and douse us out. Of course, there is no magic cure for pain, regardless of the level of suffering. Patience through the process of healing is truly all we can ask of ourselves and others. But, nonetheless, there is magic inside each of us. These daily affirmations are simply the wand which employs it. Wave your wand daily, watch it sparkle and let yourself shine!

Prince connected and still connects with so many of us – the lost children, the misfits, weirdos and freaks – and gave us permission to unapologetically be ourselves. He led by example and taught us to live authentic lives, seek and speak Truth and to honor ourselves and God, who uniquely designed us. In some ways, he raised us; seeing us through challenging childhoods and awkward stages of adolescence and literally lifting our spirits and raising our vibrations. As such, he became that mother, father, brother and sister he (according to his lyrics) wanted to be. But, for a handful of us, Prince was more than family. To many of us who never truly had an Earth-bound familial connection with biological parents, siblings or extended members, he was an intimate connection to something deep within ourselves; that which normally ignites with the initial imprinting and bond of mother and child. He was that realization that we belong. That handful of individuals is certainly represented within the pages of this book. Though not every story of every person who felt that deep connection, love and sense of loss is shared here, the words of those who did submit their stories likely resonate with those in that category who did not. These stories were submitted voluntarily and were the answer to a call for submissions which was prompted after a successful and unexpectedly overwhelming response to an article I wrote in the days following the news of Prince’s departure. The article – When Doves Cry: Why the Lost Child Deeply Grieves the Loss of Prince – was published by Sober Recovery and detailed my personal experience with losing his physical presence on this planet. It attempted to explain that deep sense of loss that I and others felt; something not unlike that which must have been experienced by those emotionally and physically closest to him. It is included in this book, as it was the beginning of this process – the inspiration, conceptualization, call for submissions, writing and publication of this book – and an unprecedented spiritual journey which I have been on ever since.