My name is Tosh.

Formally, I'm known as Toshia C. Humphries - Humphrey, M.Ed., M.A. Yes. Humphries-Humphrey. It may sound silly, but it's just another example of the Magic & Miracles we can experience in this world, if we choose to believe.


You see, I have a Twin Flame story (it's a book in the making) that involves (of course) my husband whose "meant-to-be-ness" was even evident in his last name - just a few letters different from my own. Our love has assisted my own ascension journey - my healing, integration and spiritual awakening. As such, it has shaped and formed the way I perceive, experience and do everything.


Love is, indeed, that powerful.


As such, it's the foundation of my Light work (better yet, my Love work), and is the reason I term myself a Christ-centered intuitive healer, creator and speaker. After all, Christ (and Christ consciousness) is Love. 

I am a spiritual life coach (truly, a Love coach), ascension support specialist, freelance writer, author, artist and talk radio show host for Ascension Goddess Radio.


As a professional artist,I created and direct a performance art show called Threads Locks & Rock. Additionally, I am a painter, graphic artist and greatly enjoy interior decorating/design.

I produce abstract paintings, inspired and co-produced by Spirit. I'm always happy to receive messages from potential clients hoping to purchase a readily available painting, commission an abstract piece or order a print


As a professional writer, I write for SoberRecover, Believe by Christian MingleSolo Parent Magazine, Stages of Recovery and more and have had featured articles in Club Mid numerous times. Additionally, I have published a few books and am currently working to publish more.


As a spiritual life coach with three degrees in psychology and counseling and a focus on addictions and women's studies, I am aware of varying perspectives on healing and recovery. Mine is (of course) Love-based. Therefore, I focus on assisting clients with learning to unconditionally love themselves, first.


My coaching work is based on four principles - Truth, Voice, Purpose & Authenticity. I utilize various spiritual modalities and can incorporate individual religious practices, though religious beliefs are not required. To learn more about Sacred Fire Healing & Coaching services, visit the Spiritual Life Coaching and Spiritual Healing pages or just message me, below. 

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